Acutek 'Onyx EP' (FLICK)

The latest release from Scottish techno producer Acutek – titled “Onyx” – is the debut release on
his brand-new label, Flick.

A producer with over a decade of music industry experience under his belt, Acutek has released
music on labels such as Gibbon Records, Unknown Territory and Biotech Recordings – the latter
release seeing support from esteemed names such as Christian Valera, Luigi Madonna and more,
as well as topping Beatport’s ‘Hard Techno’ chart.

“Onyx” is an EP made up of two tracks, showing Acutek’s ability to use dub techniques to imbue
his tracks with a sense of atmosphere. Title track and EP opener ‘Onyx’ kicks off with pounding
drums before effortlessly sliding into an immersive dancefloor number accentuated by
echo-showered clicks and bleeps.

“Parallel Bends” is a peak time roller that leads with crisp percussion, distorted melody lines and a
heady dose of low-end pressure. Acutek shows his understanding of the club by crafting hypnotic
grooves from start to finish.

While the vinyl release of “Onyx” will feature two tracks, ‘Hunting Town’ will be a digital exclusive.
Acutek creates a hazy atmosphere with soft pads, twisted samples and minimal claps in the intro
before a mammoth kick and snare pattern primes the track for the dance.

“Onyx” will release physically and digitally on 1st October 2021.

Acutek 'Onyx EP' (FLICK)