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Adam BFD 'Embrace EP' (Distant Horizons)

Adam BFD first burst onto the scene with his colourful, emotive driven productions; making a name for himself as an artist bridging the gap between electro, breaks and house. Now based in Paris, his work continues to put a nostalgic and animated spin on his far-reaching influences, from London to Mexico City and beyond. In the time since Adam’s introduction a series of singles and a recent EP on Running Out of Steam has seen the musician further refine and develop his sonic palette and Embrace coming by way of Distant Horizons is no exception. The five track EP covers many life cycles and no matter how mature, Adam’s tracks never lose the ability to make people move.

Adam starts by embracing the unknown in Le Voyage with its frenetic breaks and glistening melodies opening up a pathway to the stars, before space opens and time resides in Flotus; a special heart-searching moment, balanced by springly, danceable grooves. I Mean It gently unravels with tangible percussion and daydreaming textures, vocal loops becoming increasingly hypnotic as time stands still.

It’s not just Adams pacing that’s impressive, but his ability to turn real world sounds into fully functional elements heard in title track Embrace. Water moves freely over tightly packed drums and arpeggiated synths; a piece of tranquility ready when needed. Which Gate follows with pensive field recordings and cloud-formations; jerking breaks leaping back and forth in another special EP from a producer just getting started.

Adam BFD 'Embrace EP' (Distant Horizons)

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