Al-Dos Band 'Doing Our Thing With Pride' (Kalita)

Kalita are proud to unveil the Greenville, South Carolina-based Al-Dos Band’s unreleased 1976 gospel soul and disco album ‘Doing Our Thing With Pride’.


Featuring one of the most beautiful, sought-after and expensive gospel soul singles in existence (from which the album title takes its name), as well as seven unreleased gospel soul, funk and disco gems such as ‘Confusion’, ‘Look To The Sky’ and ‘Love Jones Coming Down’, Kalita deliver the goods once again.


Taken from the original analogue master tapes and released in partnership with band founders Mary and William Robinson.



Accompanied by never-before-seen archival photos and extensive interview-based liner notes, this truly is a no-brainer.


- First ever release of this unreleased gospel soul/disco album by Greenville outfit the Al-Dos Band

- Includes ‘Doing Our Thing With Pride’, one of the most sought-after gospel singles in existence

- Accompanied by extensive interview-based liner notes and never-before-seen photos

Al-Dos Band 'Doing Our Thing With Pride' (Kalita)