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Animal Collective 'Time Skiffs' (Domino)


Gatefold, Double Translucent Indies Exclusive Ruby Vinyl


One of the most acclaimed psychedelic outfits of the last two decades, Animal Collective’s wide-eyed sense of wonder has survived the band’s members reaching their forties, taking on adult responsibilities and existential worries. ‘Time Skiffs’, their eleventh studio album, contains tracks performed on recent tours, all bearing the group’s unique sense of harmony and progressive structuring. Lead single 'Prester John' sounds as if King Tubby, 70s Brian Eno, and 'Future Days'-era Can got together for a jam, whilst Scott Walker tribute 'Walker' sounds like Captain Beefheart's 'Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)' took a holiday to the Med

Animal Collective 'Time Skiffs' (Domino)

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