Brian Summers 'Girl in the Dark' (Feelings Worldwide)

AEUHHH???? Be in the dark no more, the illusive Brian Summers is here! Unleashed to the wild, riding a fat rocket into space finally crash landing on Feelings Worldwide.

Following in the footsteps of Kasra V, Dream 2 Science, Keith Lorraine, Jovonn and Larry Houl an integral piece of the Feelings puzzle finally steps up to deliver his first outing on wax. Responsible for Feelings aesthetic and as one of Feelings resident DJs he has helped shape their sound since it's inception.

His debut release spans italo, hip-house and odd ball pop with a remix from Mark Seven thrown in for good measure. Four sample heavy dance floor hitters, channelling a breadth of sounds from Danielle Baldelli to Tyree Cooper to Yello making a welcome addition to any tool man's belt. AEUHHH????


A1    Girl In The Dark    
A2    Girl In The Dark (Risque Remix By Mark Seven)
B1    Rock All Night    
B2    Bedroom Improvements

Brian Summers 'Girl in the Dark' (Feelings Worldwide)