DJ Sunroof 'Breaks 'N' Pieces Vol.5' (Breaks 'N' Pieces)

Breaks 'N' Pieces returns with another cut of bass driven dance music from rising producer DJ Sunroof.

Australian DJ // producer DJ Sunroof has had a killer year with notable dance discs on imprints such as Nerang, 3 Feet Deep and contributing to the recent Breaks 'N' Pieces Vol.3 various artists release to top. His debut full vinyl EP via rising UK label Breaks 'N' Pieces hits the stop, weighty breaks meet chest rattling bass on this 2-step laden cut.



A1   Let It Roll

A2   Intercom

A3   Boxed In

B1   Fresh & Low

B2   Regrowth

B3   Ridge

B4   Roller

DJ Sunroof 'Breaks 'N' Pieces Vol.5' (Breaks 'N' Pieces)