JAI/MAHL aka Jamal Moss '#DontjusttalkaboutitbeAboutIt' (Midnight Shift)

The day Jamal Moss stops putting out records will be a sad day indeed. Thankfully he is still as productive as ever, banging out iPad tracks that put most producers with heaps of expensive gear to shame. Midnight Shift presents four new hard-as-nails Jamal cuts after releases from Ford Foster, KINK and Gene Hunt. Deep dub techno pads collide with Unit Moebius style bubbling acid on ‘#ICU’ to provide our pick of the lot. Though to be honest each of the other tracks would be a welcome addition to any discerning DJ’s record bag. Special mention to ‘#UWILLNOT’ for maximum deranged dancefloor vibes.



A1. #Dare2Matter

A2. #ICU


B2.  #DontjusttalkaboutitbeAboutIt

JAI/MAHL aka Jamal Moss '#DontjusttalkaboutitbeAboutIt' (Midnight Shift)