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Joe Goddard - Harmonics (Domino)

Limited edition double pink vinyl LP with exclusive sticker sheet and download.


Harmonics - the new album from Hot Chip founding member Joe Goddard - is a record rooted in warmth, instinct and empathy. Across 14 tracks of left-of-centre dance music – touching on UK garage, house, hip-hop, pop, and disco – Goddard opens the floor for a number of collaborators. The voice of Ibibio Sound Machine’s Eno Williams rides the afro-house groove of 'Progress', while starry-eyed boom-bap track 'When Love’s Out of Fashion' features UK rapper Oranje. Former Wild Beasts frontman Hayden Thorpe lends his uniquely expressive vocal to the low-slung house of 'Summon', and Joe’s Hot Chip bandmates Alexis Taylor and Al Doyle both appear on the gleaming half-step ballad 'Heal Your Mind'. 


Other guests on Harmonics include Tom McFarland of the London dance-pop group Jungle, Bronx-raised singer Fiorious (on recent single “New World (Flow)”), Guinean vocalist Falle Nioke, and UK jazz musician Alabaster DePlume.



A1. Joe Goddard and Barrie - Moments Die

A2. Joe Goddard and Ibibio Sound Machine - Progress

A3. Joe Goddard and Findia - Destiny

B1. Joe Goddard and Fiorious - New World (Flow)

B2. Joe Goddard and Oranje - When Love's Out Of Fashion

B3. Follow You

B4. On My Mind

C1. Joe Goddard and Hayden Thorpe - Summon

C2. Joe Goddard and Findia - When You Call

C3. Out At Night

C4. Joe Goddard, Alexis Taylor and Al Doyle - Mountains

D1. Joe Goddard and Tom McFarland - Ghosts

D2. Joe Goddard and Falle Nioke - Miles Away

D3. Joe Goddard and Alabaster Deplume - Revery

Joe Goddard - Harmonics (Domino)

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