Kendra Morris 'Nine Lives' (Karma Chief)

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Kendra Morris’s Nine Lives, to be released on Karma Chief Records (a division of Colemine Records) in early 2022, marks not only the culmination of the decade since the release of her first LP Banshee, but also a turning point in Kendra’s life. Nine Lives heralds the beginning of a new chapter; label, and an evolution to the next level of adulthood. This collection of her original songs encapsulates moments from what could be nine lifetimes.

Kendra, while very much a New Yorker and veteran of almost 2 decades on the NYC scene, hails from Florida and aesthetically embodies the broader sense of American culture, bringing to her contemporary sound influences found in music and cinema dating back to the mid 20th century. Her music conjures imagery evocative of road trips to weird and wonderful places.

Concurrently a visual artist, filmmaker and animator, Kendra harnesses the feline nine lives metaphor repeatedly. In the context of the chapters of her musical trajectory alone, we see at least 9 lives. From discovering multi-tracking on a karaoke machine as a child, to playing in bands in Florida, moving to NYC and creating music alone on an 8 track, releasing her first 2 LPs on Wax Poetics, releasing her 2016 EP Babble and collaborating with DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, MF Doom, Czarface, Ghostface Killah, Dennis Coffey, and David Sitek, to name a few.

The life of this multi-disciplinarian artist contains units of time and story lines through which we can all relate to universal themes of love, loss and overcoming one's fears. Kendra, never ceasing to heed her spiritual calling to continue creating music and art, no matter what, has no plans of slowing down but a belief in only evolving, eager to begin experiencing her next nine lives.


For Fans Of: Lady Wray, Amy Winehouse, Alice Russell, Sharon Jones
18k followers on Spotify.
64k monthly listeners on Spotify.
Her debut LP, Banshee, was released on Wax Poetics.
Has collaborated with MF Doom, Czarface, Ghostface Killah, Dennis Coffey, and more.


1. Keep Walking
2. This Life
3. Who We Are
4. Nine Lives
5. Penny Pincher
6. Got Me Down
7. Someone Else
8. Dry
9. Circle Eights
10. Drag On


Kendra Morris 'Nine Lives' (Karma Chief)

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