LBEEZE 'Dancing In The Dark' (Exiled Records)

The year is 2021. Music is outlawed and creativity crushed. Amidst the rubble of a Derelict Dundee, the resistance has assembled. Exiled Records is born. An all out audible assault against the forces that be. A voice for the unheard. For those cast out by society. For those who stand on the other side of normal. A story of anguish, resentment and undying fight.

The first wave of attack comes from LBEEZE. True to nature, bold and twisted vocals accompany his own brand of psycho electronics. You will listen when he's talking. Kleuntah provides the ammunition with an electro-fueled remix. 



A1 - Dancing In The Dark

A2 - Dancing In The dark (Intrumental)

A3 - Bad Mouth

B1 - Faded To Me

B2 - Faded To me (Kluentah Remix)


LBEEZE 'Dancing In The Dark' (Exiled Records)

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