Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu ‘Renegade Breakdown’ (Ninja Tune)

Sonically, Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu’s Renegade Breakdown LP is noticeably different to previous Davidson releases. This is a record which largely eschews the wave music, house and techno influences that drove albums like Working Class Woman. Instead, Davidson and her bandmates Pierre Guerineau (Essaie Pas) and Asaël R. Robitaille (Bataille Solaire) draw heavily from styles like dream-pop, 60s chansons, jazz-tinged balladry and the stately rock style of David Bowie’s The Next Day to create an alluring set of leftfield pop for the twilight hours.


Even on the tracks where Renegade Breakdown comes close to Working Class Woman territory - the steady electro-disco stomp of the opening title-track, for instance, or Gary Numan-esque ‘C’est parce que j’m’en fous’ - the sound here is more slow-burning than its frenetic predecessor. On these cuts the group soften up the chunky Big Beat stomp of an act like Daft Punk with reflexive keys and vocals that reach more for !!! territory.


The connecting thread between Renegade Breakdown and Davidson’s other work is her arch lyricism and appetite for subversion. Few other artists would break the fourth wall with a line like “Oh by the way, there are no money makers on this record”, something Davidson does on the title-track. Throughout the album Davidson & L’Œil Nu never allow the listener to get too comfortable, meaning that, while Renegade Breakdown may sound luxurious, there is a playfulness about it which always keeps you on your toes.


Together they have produced an album of sleek, lush pop tracks which are elevated by Davidson’s trademark wit and wry lyrical content.


2x12" vinyl LP.



A1   Renegade Breakdown

A2   Back To Rock

B1   Worst Comes To Worst

B2   Center POf The World (Kotti Blues)

B3   La Ronde

C1   C'est parce que j'm'en fous

C2   Just In My Head

D1   Lead Sister

D2   My Love

D3   Sentiment

Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu ‘Renegade Breakdown’ (Ninja Tune)

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