Matrefakt 'Spider's Web' (Attitudes to Life)

Spider's Web is a real tension builder with loopy chords and pumping drums working to a rapturous peak that locks the crowd in a groove and keeps them begging for more.

No Distractions has heavy, hard hitting drums setting the mood only for a load of happy chords and cosmic keys to stretch out to the heavens and get the hi tech soul flowing.

Last of all this red hot trio link with Culture Jam for a sweaty analogue drum work out with steamy vocal stabs and cantering kicks all piling on the pressure.

This is throwback, high intense house music with warmth and soul to spare.


A    Spiders Web    
B1    No Distractions    
B2    Do For Now
Featuring – Culture Jam

Matrefakt 'Spider's Web' (Attitudes to Life)

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