Michael Mayer / Reinhard Voigt 'Speicher 2' (Kompakt)

This is a re-release of "Speicher 2" orginally released in 2002 on Kompakt Extra.

Mayer's "Love is stronger then pride" versus Reinhard Voigt's "Supertiel".
Two of Kompakt's most prolific artists appear on this split 12" and they both have moved away from
the typical Kompakt minimalism (for this 12", that is) to show the world that pure raving techno can
also come from Cologne. Mayer's "Pride Is Weaker Than Love" (updated title) versus Reinhard
Voigt's "Supertiel" are a bow down before the bassdrum and their straight forward 4/4 beats. This is
made to make the dancefloors burn, so rave



A –M. Mayer* Love Is Stronger Than Pride 6:56
B –Reinhard Voigt Supertiel 7:27

Michael Mayer / Reinhard Voigt 'Speicher 2' (Kompakt)