Moving Still & Minos 'Tafadal' (Jive Hive)

Jive Hive Records is proud to present: Their debut release, Moving Still’s Tafadal EP Oxford, United Kingdom, February 2021 - Moving Still’s debut EP of original tracks seeks to hark back to the warmth and hospitality lost in the midst of lockdowns while expanding his sonic palette rooted in his Saudi/Irish heritage. Drawing its name from a form of welcome typical in the Arabian peninsula, the record presents itself as a musical invitation (Tafadal) into the Madjliss – the central hosting room of an Arabian household.

In isolation, Moving Still looks forward to inviting people to come to the dance floor once again, inspiring prospective guests with the warmth of the Arabic hosting tradition. Taking its sonic roots from the Saudi-African dance tradition of the Mizmar, Moving Still blends the acid basslines his Dubliner mother would bring back to Saudi with traditional percussive patterns of his hometown to electrifying effect. Sporting an arsenal that includes a Juno 107 and a Roland JX3, Moving Still blends the modern acid feel with traditional arabic percussion to create a unique rhythmic palette.

A1 Batata charmer opens the proceedings with a cheeky nod to the dual Irish/Arabian roots of the project followed by Moroccan Mint Tea - a collaboration with Dublin stalwart Minos providing a darker, deeper and harder tone to the rest of the release. Shatta, named after a favourite hot sauce of the region incorporates elements of Bahraini/Qatari Kaligi music with some dark, swirling vocals. Finally, closing number Khalas Habibi provides no-nonsense pulsating acid Rhythms that are undercut by a heavily percussive baseline, rendering it a suitable send off to the EP in typical Moving Still style.



A1 - Batata Charmer

A2 - Moroccan Mint Tea

B1 - Shatta

B2 - Khalas Habibi

Moving Still & Minos 'Tafadal' (Jive Hive)