My Bloody Valentine 'Loveless'  (Domino)

The second my bloody valentine album, ‘loveless’, was released in 1991. Musically, it took anunexpected leap forwards, standing ahead ofanything released at the time. Shields and theband moved further towards a music of puresensation, creating textures and tones that couldbe felt as much as heard; with ‘loveless’ the bandcreated an album that overwhelmed the senses. ‘loveless’ is widely considered a flawless wholeand rightly regarded as a masterpiece; a 1990sequivalent to ‘Pet Sounds’, ‘In A Silent Way’ or‘Innervisions’, a record constructed by exploringthe edges of what a recording studio is capable of. It is a record best experienced as a whole, in onesitting - a listening experience like no other andunmatchable in its sonic brevity.



Only Shallow
To Here Knows When
When You Sleep
I Only Said
Come In Alone
Blown A Wish
What You Want

My Bloody Valentine 'Loveless' (Domino)