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Panda Bear 'Tomboy' (Domino)

2023 reissue with download.


Recorded at his studio in Lisbon, 2011’s Tomboy saw Animal Collective member Panda Bear aka Noah Lennox stepping away from the sample based parameters of his previous record, ‘Person Pitch’, and incorporating more guitar and synthesizer.


The record, massive in its span of emotion, genre and sound, is the welcome return of one of the most prolific and consistent audio pioneers in recent memory.



A1. You Can Count On Me

A2. Tomboy

A3. Slow Motion

A4. Surfer's Hymn

A5. Last Night At The Jetty

A6. Drone

B1. Alsatian Darn

B2. Scheherazade

B3. Friendship Bracelet

B4. Afterburner

B5. Benfica

Panda Bear 'Tomboy' (Domino)

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