Panoptique 'How Did You Find Me ?' (Macadam Mambo)

Cool as hell French synth punk / electro / EBM LP. Highly recommended.


It’s a great joy to host our long time friend and collaborator, Theo Delaunay aka Panoptique aka Constance Chlore, to release his first solo album on Macadam Mambo. Head of the Simple Music Experience label (dedicated to release punk experiment on tape), member of Violent Quand On Aime, Succhiamo, Simplists, Ono Omen and United Assholes, he had previously been part of the “Danzas Electricas” volumes 1 and 3, released a little single in 2019 and curated the “Simple Music Experience Vol.2” compilation in the house. 

Panoptique sticks to what he knows to do the best, to present his stories, singing spoken words, gogolitos deliriums, whispers and rough voices on Minimal Synth Wave ballads or Drexciyan’s Electro bangers. It’s brut, mental, sometimes brutal and so so groovy in the meanwhile. 


A1   La Colonie Penitentiaire
A2   Slippery 
A3   Sable 
A4   How Did You Find Me
A5   Menta Y Regaliz (Featuring Fiesta En El Vacio)
B1   Rice & Beans 
B2   My Desire 
B3   Sulpice 
B4   Sub RDV 
B5   Look At The Stars (Shoot A Drone, Man) 

Panoptique 'How Did You Find Me ?' (Macadam Mambo)