Phreek 'Remixed With Love by Joey Negro' (Z Records)

In 1978 Patrick Adams and Leroy Burgess released one of the all time classic underground disco albums under the alias Phreek. Joey Negro takes 2 songs from the album and using the original 24 track mastertape gives them both much extended and reworked versions.


“Big Phreek” was a crazy, off kilter uptempo jam that was popular in Chicago at clubs like the Warehouse, with its chanting vocals and odd octave bassline under Adams' trademark soloing synth-work. JN strips things back a fair deal to make a very playable energetic leftfield disco cut.

“Good Thing” is more soulful disco featuring plenty of previously unheard Burgess vocals and rich strings that weren’t on the original release. This new JN version clocks in at almost 13 mins.


A    I'm A Big Freak (R*U*1*2) (JN Super Phreek Out)    
B    Everybody Loves A Good Thing (JN More Of A Good Thing Mix)

Phreek 'Remixed With Love by Joey Negro' (Z Records)