Purple Disco Machine 'Playbox' (Club Sweat)

Purple Disco Machine unleashes ‘Playbox’ the thrilling next chapter of his disco-house odyssey.

The Dresden based disco megastar leads a rallying call to his disco army of super fans across the globe, with the release of his new single ‘Playbox’, a vibrant, high energy, disco-house treat that marks yet another exciting chapter of his sophomore album release.

With three extraordinary singles having made their way into the ether, Purple Disco Machine has kept his fans grooving throughout this past year - providing a huge ray of sunshine as we need it most. Already a globally renowned producer, Purple Disco Machine has quickly become a household name with the success of his international hit singles ‘Hypnotized feat. Sophie and the Giants’ (an anthem the world over having been streamed over 250 million times) and more recently ‘Fireworks feat. Moss Kena & The Knocks’ (with over 35 million streams to date).

‘Playbox’ is accompanied by an extraordinary video illustrated and animated by Juppi Juppsen, and Mathias Lemaitre Sgard, who created a vibrant homage to classic science-fiction, cyberpunk, retro-futurism spiced up with disco influences for ‘Playbox’. In the clip, Tino, in the form of a space superhero, and his female droid search for an ancient artefact which is said to hold the essence of music and, therefore, possess unimaginable power.

Purple Disco Machine 'Playbox' (Club Sweat)