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Robag Wruhme - Speicher 132 (Kompakt)

Robag Wruhme isn’t just a producer; he’s a sonic storyteller. His tracks are known for their emotional depth and technical brilliance – the perfect blend of minimal techno, deep house, and ambient music—each track a meticulously crafted journey through sound. With influences ranging from classical to jazz to world music, Robag’s music is as diverse as it is enchanting.
His latest offering on the trailblazing Speicher series is no exception. True to his unmistakable style, “Naila” meanders between heartwarming positivity and menacing darkness induced by one of those bass lines only Robag can deliver. In short: He nail(a)ed it!
On the flip side, he joins forces with the ominous Bruno Pronsato – an elusive character that has a string of cult releases on Perlon, Musique Risquée and Foom under his belt. “CDV” was initially released on his album “Live At Club Der Visionäre” on Logistic Records. Robag’s slick re-rub is pushing things decisively in an afterhour-ish direction. Mental music for mental times!

Robag Wruhme - Speicher 132 (Kompakt)

Expected Mid August
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