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Susanne Sundfor 'Blómi' (Bella Union)

It’s been six years since Sundfør’s last album, the critically acclaimed Music For People In Trouble. The time gap has been productive for the songwriter who became a mother, delved into regenerative farming and recorded more music. The forthcoming release is signposted by new two singles, Alyosha and Leikara Ljóð. These songs reveal different facets of Sundfør, an auteur, capable of producing impeccable pop tracks as well as haunting experimental compositions.



1. orð vǫlu

2. ashera's song

3. blómi

4. rūnā

5. fare thee well

6. leikara ljóð

7. alyosha

8. ṣānnu yārru lī

9. náttsǫngr

10. orð hjartans

Susanne Sundfor 'Blómi' (Bella Union)

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