Thinktank 'Three Hundred Big Boys' (Lionoil)
For Lionoil’s 4th outing, formerly supine Edinburgh top cat Thinktank takes us on a dive around his subaquatic crib, drifting between it's many chambers - each one stranger and more manic than the next. 

Within this flooded house are cupboards of digi-dub hysteria, boxes of ginger-snap crunchy electro and an attic full of flailing blippy techno that Thinktank has offered to dancefloors outside and above. Three tracks cut at 45 for the club, built for enhancing maritime mindfulness and amphibian serenity. 

First up, ‘Salve' protects our skin and soothes our egos. Flip it over and deadly digi-dub rain-dance ceremony 'Computers Need More Africa’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Finally, 'Underwater Allies' is Thinktank’s entrance theme/warrior’s dance/getting out of the shower groove.

Hold your breath and embrace the chill - we’ll supply the goggles.




A    Salve    4:54
B1    Computers Need More Africa    3:25
B2    Our Underwater Allies    4:42

Thinktank 'Three Hundred Big Boys' (Lionoil)