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Trentemoller 'Memoria' (In My Room)


Sixth studio album by the Danish composer, musician and producer. 'Memoria' seems to exist at the confluence of inspiration, coincidence, and maybe even a little bit of the supernatural. A recent, unanticipated drop of four songs, in the form of two singles ('No One Quite Like You', and 'Golden Sun'), might leave one surprised to find that a full album's worth of material was also waiting in the wings. As with most Trentemøller releases, it's a body of songs that are thematically linked by many melodic threads.


Track Listing


1Veil of White
2No More Kissing in the Rain
5In the Gloaming
6The Rise
7When the Sun Explodes
8Dead Or Alive
9All Too Soon
10A Summer's Empty Room
11Swaying Pine Trees
12Drifting Star
13Like a Daydream

Trentemoller 'Memoria' (In My Room)