V/A 'Tsonga Tremors: Explorations in Tradition, Technology, South African Dance'

180g heavyweight vinyl (2LP) remastered at Bonati Mastering in Brooklyn and flanked with sleeve artwork by the internationally acclaimed book designer Luke Bird. 18 rare cuts compiled by chOOn!! featuring Shangaan-influenced dance music, Tsonga Disco & neo-traditional releases from South Africa (1983-1991).

shipping out on or around September 20, 2021

In the last decade, the breadth of plugged-in African music has become increasingly apparent. Samplers and synths have spread across the continent; nowhere is this more striking than in South Africa, where the end of apartheid coincided with the gradual move away from funk and soul-based township sounds and the emergence of electronic styles.

Enter Shangaan Electro, a seminal compilation released in 2010 of 180-plus bpm South African dance tracks; its rapid dispersal through global dance channels introduced ecstatic audiences to a previously marginal scene.

Shangaan Electro has its own prehistory in electronic...  more


released July 2, 2021

Tracks 1; 18:
Published by Mpumelelo Music
Tracks 3; 15:
Published by Jumbo Music
Tracks 6-9; 11-13; 17:
Published by Gallo Music Publishers
Licensed under permission from Gallo Record Company
Tracks 2; 10:
Published by Music Team
Licensed under permission from Music Team Ltd.
Tracks 4; 14:
Published by Annic Music Productions
Licensed under permission from Enoch Nondale
Tracks 5; 16:
Published by David Gresham Music
Licensed under permission from The David Gresham Record Company (Pty) Ltd.
Mastered by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Design by Luke Bird

V/A 'Tsonga Tremors: Explorations in Tradition, Technology, South African Dance'