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VA 'A Slap Around The Bass Ep' (Z Records)

Dave Lee presents an EP of brand new slap bass heavy tracks for this exclusive vinyl release. Slapping the bass string hard with the thumb to create a twanging sound is a technique developed by Sly & the Family Stone’s Larry Graham in the early 70s. It’s been used by the likes of Stanley Clarke, Mark King, Marcus Miller and the worlds greatest bass players ever since. All the tracks on the Slap Around The Bass EP feature the legendary UK bassist Julian Crampton (Incognito, Down to the Bone, Sunburst Band) who delivers some serious Slap, Pop and Funk to the proceedings.

From the opening Earth Wind and Fire esque ‘Magnificent Mango’ by The Sunburst Band featuring Xan Blacq, through to Bah Samba’s conscious lyrics, Brit funk style ‘Save Our Freedom’ and finishing off with the boogie synth fuellee ‘In the Mood’ by Foreal People the whole EP is laced with killer live bass lines.

Expect some serious air slap bass moment’s on the Dancefloor.

VA 'A Slap Around The Bass Ep' (Z Records)