Various Artists 'AKRONYM 001' (AKRONYM)

AKRONYM 001 is the first release by the same-titled label from Berlin. The compilation is packed with six tracks and features the uprising artists Trudge and Exilles alongside newcomers, who are part of the AKRONYM artist collective. As different as the minds of the record, all tracks have their very own character and unify in their approach of early uptempo techno and trance. Addressed and manipulated by the computer, you’ll find your determination here.


A1   Trudge - Sway Over The Void

A2   Jimi Joel - Would You Buy This

A3   Warnung - Nummern

B1   Exiles - Friday The 13th

B2   Yokubo & Nachtbusse - Obligatory Obediance

B3   Son Error - Wrap Your Arms Around Me


Various Artists 'AKRONYM 001' (AKRONYM)