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Various Artists Denya / Sibou Odia (Ben Gomori Edits) Stern Edits

Ben Gomori delivers another two carefully-crafted reworks for Sterns Edits, both tried and tested to ensure maximum dancefloor impact.

Guinean guitar master Djessou Mory Kante's blistering style makes for propulsive dancefloor material when paired with a chunked-up house rhythm, with Gomori utilising the stems available to add subtle FX trickery to the intricate melodics of the original. The whole affair builds and rolls in incessant fashion, with another riveting bassline mirroring and counterbalancing the main motifs.

The wild sounds of Senagelese legends Orchestra Baobab's nine-minute-odyssey 'Sibou Odia' is a formidable piece of work that shows the band's stunning musicianship in fine style. With only the original track to work from and no stems, Gomori hones in on the sections where the groove is dominant and the raucous solos potently cut through. The skanking rhythms are intact, with a huge bassline pushing the proceedings forward throughout.

Various Artists Denya / Sibou Odia (Ben Gomori Edits) Stern Edits