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Vitalic 'Flashmob' (Different)


Limited White Vinyl.


‘Flashmob’ is the second studio album by French electronic music artist Vitalic. While the electro foundations of his sound remain the same after more than a decade, these tracks are sleek and innovative - proving that Vitalic spent the years between his debut, ‘OK Cowboy’, and this album uniting everything he’d learned from making electrifying dance tracks since 2005. ‘Flashmob’ provides cuts that are classic Vitalic, with massive synth lines and hardedged beats.


See The Sea (Red)
Poison Lips
One Above One
Terminateur Benelux
Second Lives
Allan Delon
See The Sea (Blue)
Chicken Lady
Your Disco Song
Station Mir 2009


Vitalic 'Flashmob' (Different)