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DJ Fokus - Watch Out​/​Media (Fundamental Frequencies)

Fundamental Frequencies teams up once again with the master of the dark arts DJ Fokus for the first-ever reissue of his second mythical 94 jungle scorcher released on his own Suicide Records.

Having broken out with two 12”s on Monroe Production’s Blueprint Records, DJ Fokus quickly followed up at the Monroe Studios, under the watchful eye of legendary engineer Pete Parsons (Voyager), with two self-funded 12”s on his Suicide imprint before putting pen to paper with Lucky Spin Recordings. Now regularly demanding three figure sums both releases have achieved cult status amongst jungliests both young and old.

Available for the first time since its initial 1994 pressing with the lacquer cut by Beau Thomas (Babylon Timewarp/Intense).

DJ Fokus - Watch Out​/​Media (Fundamental Frequencies)

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