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LCY 'He Hymns' (Fabric)

LCY’s ‘He Hymns’ EP is a dystopian reimagination of club music. Each track within the project takes inspiration from elements of beloved genres of club music and metamorphoses them into works of dancefloor experiments that alter the perception of what music built for sound systems can be.

Simultaneously warm and unrelentingly intense, ‘He Hymns’ perfectly sets the stall for LCY’s vision for the club; transporting the listener to an alternate future in which the driving heart of electronic music sits unapologetically at the fore.

‘He Hymns’ is dynamic, confounding club music that is still inherently propulsive - ready to lift the curtain on a new level of invention within the electronic space.




Disc 1
1. Sora
2. Believe
3. He Hymn
4. Bad Blood
5. Heartbreaker

LCY 'He Hymns' (Fabric)

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