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Jlin - Akoma (Planet Mu)

Indies Exclusive Gold Vinyl

Jlin’s detailed and meticulous exploration of rhythm’s inner and outer reaches has made her one of the most distinctive and recognisable voices within both the electronic and classical music worlds. Her compositions are consistently appealing and have an accessibility to them, yet often defy expectations. She exists within her own locus solus - no matter the collaborator, no matter where sounds ultimately lead her. Whatever the situation – from composing the Pulitzer Prize shortlisted ‘Perspective’ for Third Coast Percussion, to ‘Godmother’ her AI-powered collaboration with Holly Herndon, Jlin always expresses her outlook to the fullest.


Her new album Akoma sets a new benchmark in her personal road map, not only since the album features guest appearances from Björk, Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet but for her continued sonic persistence and resistance. Jlin does what Jlin does and it’s beloved across genres, across scenes and across  generations. Akoma is a new entry point into her sound and a new approach for both those who have been following diligently and those who are just now entering her world. So how did she get here? Here’s a rundown for those looking for the facts. She was both a math nerd and a steel factory worker. She got inspired by Footwork and started making tracks with mentorship assistance from RP Boo and DJ Rashad, but her music was far from typical for footwork from the get-go.

Since ‘Erotic Heat’ she has released two bold albums, 2015’s Dark Energy and 2017’s Black Origami. She has also released her soundtrack to Company Wayne McGregor’s dance piece Autobiography (2018) and most recently (2023) the mini-album Perspective. She’s remixed µ-Ziq, Factory Floor, Ben Frost, Max Richter, Björk, Martin Gore and others. She’s collaborated with Holly Herndon and the late SOPHIE. She’s worked with visual artists Kevin Beasley and Nick Cave. She composed a string quartet for Kronos Quartet and performed with them live in a tribute to Philip Glass. She also recently completed a tribute to Sun Ra with Kronos.

There’s more but you get the picture - she’s working in contexts and in ways that few of her peers are able to. Akoma is the next step - all these paths have led to this. We encourage you to tune in.



Jlin - Akoma (Planet Mu)

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