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Orbital - Orbital - Deluxe Boxset (London)

Limited Expanded 4LP Boxset Edition, including 2 double gatefold records; one of the original album and one of remixes and rarities Includes an exclusive 60 page hardback 12” x 12” book, documenting Orbital’s story and history. Also features a 12” Slipmat, and 3 printed repro A6 flyers, randomly placed throughout the book.


Reissue of the classic debut album. Originally released on September 30, 1991, Orbital’s eponymous debut album became known as “The Green Album” to distinguish it from their second album (known as “The Brown Album”). The Green Album includes the seminal ‘Belfast’ and a live version of ‘Chime’, the landmark dance track that launched their career in 1990.

Following the success of ‘Chime’, Pete Tong signed Orbital to London/ffrr Records, and Tong allowed the Hartnolls the freedom to record the album they wanted to make. Where their contemporaries on the rave circuit would knock out ten formulaic 4/4 piano bangers with guest vocalists and call it an album, for their debut Orbital wanted to explore wider textures, different rhythms, stranger mind spaces.

It was this ambition that led to Orbital becoming giants of electronic music. The Hartnoll brothers would go on to redefine what dance music could do and the place it took within popular culture itself. Their music has influenced and inspired artists from Björk to Bicep and they have collaborated with minds as diverse as Madonna, Kraftwerk and Professor Brian Cox. 


4LP Vinyl Boxset Tracklisting:
Disc 1
A1. The Moebius
A2. Speed Freak
A3. Macrohead
B1. Oolaa
B2. Desert Storm
Disc 2
C1. Fahrenheit 303
C2. Steel Cube Idolatry
C3. High Rise
D1. Chime (Live)
D2. Midnight (Live)
D3. Belfast
Disc 3
E1. Torpedo Town (PKA Untitled)
E2. Satan
F1. L.C.1
F2. Belfast / Wasted (Wasted Vocal Mix)
F3. Crime
Disc 4
G1. Fahrenheit 3D3
G2. Open Mind Jam
G3. The Other One
H1. Satan (Rhyme And Reason Vocal Mix)
H2. Midnight (Sasha Remix)

Orbital - Orbital - Deluxe Boxset (London)

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