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Susumu Yokota 'Acid Mt. Fuji' (Midgar)

Susumu Yokota’s iconic 90s masterpiece originally released by Sublime Records Japan in 1994.


Absolutely sublime second-ever full-length release from the sorely missed Susumu Yokota. Previously CD; Japan only, ‘ Acid Mt.Fuji’ has easily been THE rediscovery of the year. A lot beefier than some of Susumu’s later (and possibly a bit twee) output, it features tracks that are 100% heads down club gear, balancing those with some more introspective moments. A joy from start to finish!



A1. ZenmaiA2. KinokoA3. MeijijinguB1. SabotenB2. Oh My GodB3. TambarinC1. OponchiC2. Ao-oniC3. AkafujiD1. AlphavilleD2. Tanuki

Susumu Yokota 'Acid Mt. Fuji' (Midgar)

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