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Susumu Yokota - Acid Mt. Fuji (Musicmine/ Sublime Records)

On July 26th Susumu Yokota's venerated 1994 classic 'Acid Mt. Fuji' is reissued in expanded, deluxe fashion, as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of the label that originally presented it. Japan's Musicmine - specifically it's electronic subsidiary Sublime Records - released the album on June 29th 1994, simultaneously with Ken Ishii's 'Reference To Difference', as their inaugural joint offering.

'Acid Mt. Fuji' is an enchanting mix of mystical ambient acid and futurist minimal techno, taking the listeners on a psychedelic pilgrimage, where 303, synths and electronic percussion are scented with reverb, echo and forest recordings. Merging Japanese new age and sparse electronica, the recording is free, organic, and energized - proffering a unique blend of early 90s western styles and the essence of his home country.

Yokota originally planned an ambient record, but 'Acid Mt. Fuji' evolved into a concept work featuring the Roland TB-303, which he recorded live at home alongside a sampler, yielding experimental and innovative results.

The longplayer found its muse in the famed 18th-19th century artist Hokusai's red rendition of Mt. Fuji, known as 'Red Fuji' or 'Akafuji'. Part of the painter's renowned 'Thirty Six Views of Mt. Fuji' series from the 1830s, 'Red Fuji' depicts the iconic sacred mountain aglow in red at dawn, symbolizing spirituality and creativity. With references to Japanese folklore, nature and shrines, tracks like 'Kinoko' and 'Meijijingu' invite the listener to immerse themselves in the album's spiritual depths.

Yokota's own homage-to-Hokusai drawing graces the record's cover, and was inspired by the concept of wa (harmony) - highlighting his diverse skills not only as a musician, but an artist and designer too.

'Acid Mt. Fuji' is a powerful testament to the establishment of rave culture in Japan, which rapidly developed within just two years, from 1992 to 1994. Largely due to praise for the breathtaking originality of the LP, within this burgeoning national techno scene, Yokota rose to prominence as one of its key figures.

He then became one of the most renowned artists to emerge from his homeland and enter the global electronic pantheon. He inspired a new wave of Japanese producers and DJs, contributing significantly to the growth of the techno movement in Japan.

Yokota was a solitary figure, an artist who expressed his life through the continuous creation of music. For those seeking something different; mystical, soothing, pristinely ergonomic and uniquely Japanese, this record stands as iconic as Mt. Fuji itself.

This triple vinyl Deluxe Edition includes the original album's eleven tracks alongside five raw and jacking rare gems, available on wax for the first time, which were previously included only in the Japanese 2016 Deluxe Edition CD.

There are also two digital-only bonus tracks. One is a live performance by Yokota, titled 'Live at Shibuya Beam Hall', which was recorded at Sublime Records' label launch party, held in September 1994. It was previously only released on the aforementioned 2016 Japanese CD edition. This event, titled 'Sublime Records Presents New Style of Electronic Ambient Party' featured performances by Susumu Yokota, Ken Ishii, Yoshihiro Sawasaki, Speedy J and DJ Wada. This ten minute long, rare live recording captures Yokota playing a dynamic, fast paced acid house live jam, using two TB-303s and a drum machine. The other digital only bonus track is an alternative version of 'H', which was discovered recently whilst excavating a DAT.

The liner notes are written by DJ/producer Alex From Tokyo, who was a good friend of Yokota, and experienced the 90s Tokyo club scene first-hand as an insider. His compilation 'Japan Vibrations Vol. 1' captures this golden era, and features music by Prism (Susumu Yokota), Ryuichi Sakamoto, Haruomi Hosono, Yasuaki Shimizu, Quadra (Hiroshi Watanabe) and more.



Side A
1. Zenmai (2024 Remaster)
2. Kinoko (2024 Remaster)
3. Meijijingu (2024 Remaster)

Side B
1. Saboten (2024 Remaster)
2. Oh My God (2024 Remaster)
3. Tambarin (2024 Remaster)

Side C
1. Oponchi (2024 Remaster)
2. Ao-oni (2024 Remaster)
3. Akafuji (2024 Remaster)

Side D
1. Alphaville (2024 Remaster)
2. Tanuki (2024 Remaster)

Side E
1. Floating G (2024 Remaster)**
2. H (2024 Remaster)**
3. B (2024 Remaster)**

Side F
1. F (2024 Remaster)**
2. 2 H (2024 Remaster)**


**= 5 unreleased tracks released for the 1st time on vinyl.

Susumu Yokota - Acid Mt. Fuji (Musicmine/ Sublime Records)

Expected around 06/09/2024
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