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The Gentle Waves -Swansong (Jeepster)

Pressed for the first time on vinyl since its initial release in November 2000, Swansong For You, the second album from The Gentle Waves, is now be available through Jeepster Recordings. 

Recorded during her time with Belle and Sebastian, this was Isobel Campbell’s second The Gentle Waves album. It features Stuart Murdoch, Stevie Jackson, Chris Geddes, Richard Colburn and Mick Cooke from Belle and Sebastian, as well as Jonny Quinn from Snow Patrol and Eugene Kelly of The Vaselines.

The album features arrangements by the Scottish Bafta-winning, neo-classical composer PaulLeonard-Morgan, who has scored several movies and TV series (Fellow Travelers, The Pigeon Tunnel), and works in collaboration with Philip Glass.

The album was recorded in Glasgow at CaVa Studios during late 1999/early 2000 and the atmospheric retro video for ‘Falling From Grace’, set in a hair salon, was directed by Isobel. The standout tune, ‘Falling From Grace’ has featured in several ad campaigns (Ozdilek) and movies (Pumpkin, Swimfan). The song ‘Pretty Things’ has also appeared in ad campaigns and movies (Pringle, All The Days Before Tomorrow).

The Gentle Waves -Swansong (Jeepster)

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