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V/A '5 Years Of Hilltown Disco' (Hilltown Disco)

Hilltown Disco celebrate 5 years with a star-studded compilation of artists that have featured and helped shape the label over the past half decade.

We dedicate this release to the legend, Wibo Lammerts who sadly passed away during the production of the record. Fly high, brother.

On the A-side of the vinyl we welcome back w1b0 and the excellent, Ole Mic Odd, who offer crunchy, dark electronics, perfectly sewn together, producing two future classics, with their bass-heavy electro.

Flip to the B-side and the record ups tempo, with the first track from Larionov & St. Theodore that showcases their slick, punchy electro productions, followed by a spiraling, hypnotic, machine-funk weapon by the brilliant PRZ. The record finishes with Robyrt
Hecht's stripped-back electro track with classic Hecht, signature, captivating vocals.

Massive thank you to everyone who has supported Hilltown Disco since we were founded. Here's to the next 5!



A1. W1b0 - HD5YA

A2. Ole Mic Odd - Welcome to ZZYZZX

B1. Larionov & St. Theodore - Razor Edge


B3. Robyrt Hecht - Driveway

V/A '5 Years Of Hilltown Disco' (Hilltown Disco)

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